Coaching Staff

Our Coaching Staff

Joe Jacko

University of Southern California
Head Coach – Collegiate League of Legends
Peak Rank (Solo Queue) – Challenger

Coach Joe Jacko

Joe captained and coached the League of Legends team at Virginia Tech to its first ever Collegiate League of Legends Playoff appearance in 2018. He continued this trend in 2019 as the VT team would inevitably secure a playoff berth and subsequent #1 seed heading into playoffs. Resulting in VT receiving nationwide recognition from ESPN Esports for their Top 25 ranking of Collegiate League of Legends Teams in 2019. After joining USC, he would go on to coach the team to their first ever placement within ESPN Esports’ Top 25 ranking (in 2020). Joe holds a degree in Communication Studies from Virginia Tech, where he studied with a focus on gender, communication, and esports.


Michael Takahashi

University of Cincinnati
Head Coach – Collegiate League of Legends
Peak Rank (Solo Queue) – Challenger

Michael previously led the League of Legends team at the University of Cincinnati, where he pursued a degree in biomedical engineering. Currently he serves as an analyst for SuperNova, an amatuer League of Legends team. During his time as an analyst the organization has frequently produced talent that would go on to participate in the LCS and LCS Academy Leagues. Michael has previously coached current pro players such as Tactical and Jenkins.

Ian McCormick

University of Illinois 
Head Coach – Collegiate League of Legends

Ian is a former assistant coach and analyst for Team Liquid Academy (a professional esports organization). Not only has he coached domestically, but also internationally. He previously coached UC Irvine to the 2018 Collegiate League of Legends Championship  and would go on to coach in his home state at the University of Illinois. Upon his arrival, UIUC achieved Top 4 at the Collegiate Championships two years in a row (2019 and 2020). He is currently pursuing another Collegiate Championship with UIUC and is in the process of overhauling their club to achieve varsity status. Ian is currently in the last year of his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science. He wants to pursue full time coaching after school, or use his degree to stay involved in esports.

David Willis

St. Edward’s University 
Head Coach – Collegiate Esports
Peak Rank (Solo Queue) – Challenger

David led the University of Texas at Austin to become the Collegiate League of Legends South Champions in 2019. He’s served as both an Upsurge Premier League Player and Analyst. Additionally, he participated in the Tyler1 Championship Series, one of the largest esports competitions hosted by a single streamer on Twitch. David graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Actuarial Sciences as well as a certificate in Computer Sciences. He now coaches esports at St. Edward’s University located in Austin, Texas.