Where will the bootcamps take place?

The bootcamps will be hosted ONLINE through a private Discord server. Please note that this camp is only open to residents of the United States as shipping for our FREE EPOS | Sennheiser headset (MSRP – a $99 value) is limited to the United States. (Shipping and shipping costs will be covered complementary by EPOS).

How much does the camp cost?

Campers will receive 30 total hours of Professional Esports coaching/training over 5 consecutive days (at a rate of approximately $17/hour excluding the cost of the headset; $13/hour when factoring in the headset value).

Includes a FREE EPOS | Sennheiser Headset, $99 MSRP Value (while supplies last). Headset to be mailed before camp week starts, depending on speed of shipment/mail and how soon before camp that spot is purchased.

*Marked down from $699 to $499 total due to the camp transitioning from a physical location to being hosted online in light of COVID-19.

When will the Girl LoL Gamers session be held?

Monday, August 10th at 10 AM PST – Friday, August 14th at 5 PM PST
Girl LoL Gamers = Priority for this Session

Are girls welcome in both bootcamp sessions?

Girls are welcome to sign up for both  bootcamp sessions:

Monday, July 27th at 10 AM PST – Friday, July 31st at 5 PM PST
Monday, August 10th at 10 AM PST – Friday, August 14th at 5 PM PST (First Session is Co-Ed; Girl LoL Gamers = Priority for this Session)

What topics will be covered during the bootcamp?

Our Challenger collegiate League of Legends coaches, sourced from universities nationwide, work to ensure that our camps are not only fun and entertaining, but have a broader focus on being educational. Created with all skill levels in mind, we’ve crafted this camp specifically for those interested in taking their skills to the next level. 3 of our collegiate coaches have achieved peak ranks of Challenger (Ranked within the Top 300, or Top 0.02%) in Solo Queue, and are now working to share the knowledge that made them successful both as individual players and as coaches. 

Will there be any certification/s/certificate/s awarded at the end of this Bootcamp?

Yes, we will be offering a certification/certificate of completion for participating and completing the camp.

Do we offer bootcamp scholarships?

We are offering a limited number of scholarships to attendees. If you are interested in a scholarship please check the box at checkout. We will send you a scholarship application.

Can bootcamp scholarships be used for USC?

The bootcamp scholarship can only be used/redeemed for one summer session.