30 Hour Package Over 5 Days – LoL Esports Week-Long Remote Immersive Bootcamp ($17/Hour)

$699.00 $499.00

5 days of League of Legends weeklong summer camp (w/free $99 headset)

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30 total hours of Professional Esports coaching/training over 5 consecutive days (approximately $17/hour without headset; $13/hour factoring in headset value)
Training immersive League of Legends summer bootcamp in 1 week, 10am-5:30PM, Monday-Friday, in partnership with USC Trojan Esports.
Includes FREE Sennheiser Headphones, $99 MSRP Value (while supplies last).

Headset to be mailed before camp week starts, depending on speed of shipment/mail and how soon before camp that spot is purchased.